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iPhone 14 Plus - great protection for iPhone & credit cards!

Welcome to the website that protects your mobile phone and tablet regardless of whether you have the latest, sharpest mobile phone or the slightly older and odd variant. We have mobile protection for most smartphones and tablets. And whether you prefer a little or a lot of protection for your Apple iPhone 14 Plus (6.7), we think you'll find something for you here on our site.
Skimblocker Magnetforal and Skimblocker XL Cases are some of our most popular products. Not only do you fit your Apple iPhone 14 Mini in these cases, your driver's license, credit cards and cash also fit in these mobile wallets. But it doesn't end here. Because when your credit and debit cards are in a Skimblocker mobile case, you not only protect your iPhone, you also protect your cards against skimming, which is unfortunately quite common. In other words, your cards cannot be "blipped" when they are in a Skimblocker case. We think that is good protection. And good protection is important.


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