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Xiaomi 13T / 13T Pro 5G – we protect it!

Welcome to coverin.com - we protect both mobile phones and tablets against scratches and damage, and of course we can also protect your Xiaomi 13T / 13T Pro 5G for you.
Our Skimblocker mobile covers not only protect your mobile phone from damage, they also protect your cards from being emptied of money without your consent. Your credit and payment cards cannot therefore be scanned if they are in a Skimblocker Mobile Case. This also means, however, that you must take your bank card out of the cover when you pay with the blip function in the store. But it is however a small price to pay, when your cards can be protected against others draining them of money, we think.
Of course, we also have screen protectors for your Xiaomi. Our tempered glass screen protector is easy to mount on the screen and effectively protects it against anything that can cause scratches.


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