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Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 5G - we protect you mobile & credit cards!

We help you protect your Samsung Galaxy S23 FE 5G against all conceivable damage it can be protected against. The screen is best protected with a tempered glass screen protector. We easily protect the phone's sensitive edges and back with a mobile shell or a full-covering mobile case. With one of our Skimblocker wallet cases, you can also fit a driver's license and payment card. You choose whether the mobile phone should be fixed in the case or if you prefer a removable mobile phone cover. In that case, we have our Magnetic Cases where you can remove the mobile phone case (with the mobile in it) and, for example, put it on the fridge when you are cooking. This is probably our absolute sharpest mobile protection where you get everything in the same mobile case: wallet, mobile cover and card case - which is also protected against skimming; your cards cannot therefore be swiped and emptied of money as long as they are in the case. That's what we call Skimblocker.


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