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Xiaomi 13 Lite 5G – we protect it!

Welcome to coverin.com
We help you protect your Xiaomi 13 Lite 5G as well as possible. This mobile has quite sloping edges on the screen, which can make it a bit difficult to find a screen protector that covers the entire screen. The best option is a Full Frame screen protector. They are rounded on the edges and thus cover the entire surface. A "regular" screen protector only covers the flat surface and thus does not go down over the slanted edges. Therefore, we have chosen not to have these screen protectors in stock for this particular model. So, on this page you will only find Full Frame screen protectors. Feel free to check our pictures to see exactly how much they cover.
For the rest of your Xiaomi, we have both mobile covers and mobile bags.
So don't worry, we promise to protect it for you.



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