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Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro 5G – we protect it!

Welcome to coverin.com
We protect your mobile and tablet without frills. And of course we'll be happy to help protect your Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro (G736B/DS) 5G for you.
Even robust mobiles deserve mobile protection. Tempered glass screen protectors can never hurt to mount on your phone. In combination with a mobile phone case, you not only get good protection, you also get a more comfortable mobile phone. Some mobile phones are quite "slippery" to hold, then it can be an advantage to have a mobile cover made of, for example, TPU plastic on the device, then you immediately get a much better grip on the handset. If you want a complete solution where you can also fit credit cards, driving licenses and cash, we can offer a wallet case instead. If you choose one of our Skimblocker cases, you also protect your cards from being skimmed when they are in the case. We think that is good protection. And protection is important.


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