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Sony Xperia 1 V 5G - we will protect it!

Hello and welcome to coverin.com
We are happy to help protect your Sony Xperia 1 V 5G (XQ-DQ72) from life's little knocks and scratches.
After all, when the phone flies out of your hand and onto the asphalt, it's nice to know that you've protected it as well as you could - then the chance that the mobile phone will survive is also slightly greater.
A mobile cover made of hard plastic or the softer TPU protects the back and sides of the mobile phone. You protect the front of the mobile simply and effectively with a screen protector made of tempered glass.
If it is important for you to protect your cards against skimming (you know, when you "blip" your card without having to enter a code), choose one of our Skimblocker Mobile Cases. Then your cards cannot be "blipped" as long as they are in the bag and your mobile is protected as best as possible at the same time! We think this is good protection.


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