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Motorola Moto G71 – how much do you want to protect it?

Welcome to coverin.com – the website with one of the Nordic region's largest ranges of accessories and protection for smartphones and tablets.
We can help you protect your Motorola Moto G71 as much or as little as you like. With a tempered glass screen protector, you effectively protect your mobile screen from dust and scratches. A glass screen protector also protects against liquids. There are also simpler screen protectors made of clear plastic film that are a bit cheaper but also more difficult to fit on the screen. A screen protector made of clear plastic film doesn't have the same level of protection as one made of tempered glass, but taste is a very personal thing and you're the one that should decide.
We also stock mobile shell cases and mobile cases as a complement to your screen protector. A mobile shell cover protects the back and sides of the mobile and a wallet case protects the entire mobile. 


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