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Apple iPhone 14 – mobile protection is important!

Then Apple is on the move again with new models. And of course coverin.com is ready with protection for these new iPhones. For protection you must have. Mobile protection is super important if you ask us, especially when you have a mobile as precious as the Apple iPhone 14 (6.1) is.
Feel free to protect your screen with a tempered glass screen protector. The sensitivity of your touch screen does not deteriorate, but you get good protection against sharp objects that can cause scratches and dull damage. Should you drop your iPhone on the floor, you may be unlucky that the protective glass will crack, but hopefully your phone will survive.
For those of you who like to have everything in one place, we have wallet cases where you can fit your iPhone as well as credit cards and cash. All mobile wallets are made of PU leather and are available in different colors, patterns and designs.


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