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Doro 8110 – it's important to protect your mobile phone!

Welcome to coverin.com
If you want to protect your Doro 8110 / 8100, you've come to the right place! We can help you protect your screen as well as the rest of your mobile phone.  We have screen protectors for your mobile phone - plastic film or tempered glass. 
For the rest of your mobile phone, we've got the Skimblocker wallet case and the Magnet case that we've designed ourselves.
What does”Skimblocker” mean? You're not just protecting your mobile phone with this case, you're also protecting your bank cards.  Your cards can't be blipped when they're in the case – so money doesn't get taken out of your account without you knowing about it.
​ We think that's great protection. And protection is important!
Thanks for choosing Coverin!


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