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Lenovo Tab P11 2nd Gen - protection for your tablet!

Welcome to coverin.com
We not only protect most smartphones, we also have protection and accessories for most tablets, and of course the Lenovo Tab P11 2nd Gen (TB350FU/TB350XU) is no exception. This 11.5" tablet has several names and goes by the names Lenovo Tab P11 2nd Gen (TB350FU/TB350XU), Lenovo Tab P11 2022 and Lenovo Tab P22 Gen2. Dear child has many names as we say in Sweden – and we take good care of a dear child. So on this page you will find different screen protectors, both made of tempered glass and thin film, as well as covers such as Covercases and 360 Cases.
They are easy to install, they protect well and they are available in several super nice colors.
Thank you for choosing coverin.com


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