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Motorola Moto E32s - we protect your screen for you!

Welcome to coverin.com where you can stroll around our virtual mobile accessories store. Here on this page, we have collected accessories for Motorola Moto E32s so you can protect your mobile in the best possible way.
The screen is one of the larger ones with its 6.5 inches. So you absolutely want to protect it well. The best and easiest way to do this is with a screen protector made of tempered glass. It is easy to mount and you get good and stable protection for your screen. We try to show with pictures exactly how big the screen protector is and how far it extends to the edge, so please take an extra look at our pictures when you order.
If you just want a simple and very cheap protection, we also have screen protectors made of plastic film, single pack or 6-pack in case you want to have a few in reserve. This screen protector can be a little tricky to fit, so we recommend getting a 6-pack just in case.


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