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Tempered Glass OnePlus Nord CE 4 Lite

Shop this product, Tempered Glass OnePlus Nord CE 4 Lite
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Art no: 51202 Glass

Product description


Product description

Tempered glass for OnePlus Nord CE 4 Lite

- Model adapted screen protector
- Protects against cracks in the glass
- Protects against impacts
- Only 0.33mm thin!
- No bubbles
- Easy to apply

Screen protector made of tempered glass.
Protects from damage and scratches with a specially processed glass.
The cover has a thickness of only 0.33mm which still makes your device slim and thin.
The glass surface has a hardness of 8-9H, three times stronger than regular PET film.
Even sharp objects like knives and keys will not scratch the glass as easily.

With this tempered glass screen protector, you won't get any bubbles on the screen. The screen protector is also easy to apply.

Cleaning cloth and dust removal sticker included.
Delivered in packaging

Some screen protectors may appear mirrored; they are not. Some phones and tablets have both a sensor and camera on the front,
but only the sensor needs holes in the screen protector. The selfie camera doesn't need a hole!

How to mount the glass on the screen!

ATTENTION! Be sure to be extra careful when installing the glass!

Make sure the screen is properly cleaned before applying the screen protector. Alcohol wipe and cleaning cloth included. Feel free to also use stickers to remove the last grains of dust. It pays to add a little extra powder to the cleaning; if there is only one single speck of dust left on the screen, this will be clearly visible through the glass.
Remove the protective film and place the glass over the screen. Carefully adjust exactly where you want the screen protector before releasing it. When the glass is where you want it, gently drop it onto the screen. Do not rub. When you release the glass, you will see how it "floats" on the screen, by itself. Any air bubbles are rubbed out against the edge with e.g. a credit card. Small air bubbles may disappear on their own within 24 hours.

Now your screen has the best protection you can imagine!

It may pay off to spend a little extra money on the screen protector. This tempered glass screen protector effectively protects your screen from scratches and water.
Even if you were to drop your device and the glass would crack - well then you can probably be glad that the protector still saved your screen!
Unlike plastic film screen protectors, this screen protector is super easy to mount/apply to the screen. Once you've made sure the screen is clean and free of dust, well then the rest of the job is almost done! The screen protector more or less floats onto the screen by itself. Simple and effective.
Simply a cheap and good protection for your screen!


Which screen protector should I choose?
On our website you will find both clear plastic film and tempered glass screen protectors. Tempered glass (and for some mobile phones also Clear plastic film) is usually available both in regular size and as Full Frame.
And what is the difference between these? We will try to sort this out for you

Our Full Frame Screen Protectors made of tempered glass are now all black on the edge. We always show with pictures exactly how the cover looks on the phone, so please take a look at the pictures before choosing a cover.
The fact that this glass goes all the way to the edge is of course nice. But it can be good to know that this very fact also makes the protection more sensitive to impacts. So if you hit something with your mobile, part of the glass (at the edge) may break. It has no effect on the protective effect itself, your mobile still has a good screen protector, but aesthetically it can be a bit disturbing to look at.


A normal screen protector made of tempered glass often leaves a few millimeters all the way around. Some customers therefore prefer a Full Frame screen protector made of tempered glass where the protection goes all the way to the edge.
But even if our usual tempered glass screen protectors often leave a few millimeters out towards the edge, we still prefer this variant (unless the phone has extremely sloping edges, because then a regular glass screen protector won't work, then we recommend a Full Frame Screen protector - either tempered glass or regular plastic film).
The glass covers the flat surface of your mobile screen. And since it doesn't go all the way to the edge, it's not as exposed as a Full Frame screen protector. So if you still intend to have a mobile cover or a mobile wallet on your phone, then we absolutely think that a tempered glass screen protector is enough, which is also cheaper than a Full Frame tempered glass screen protector.

If your phone has extra sloping edges, it can be tricky to protect it with a tempered glass screen protector. Then we usually recommend a Full Frame screen protector. We have these both as a clear plastic film and as tempered glass. If you have a mobile phone with sloping edges and would like to have a screen protector made of tempered glass, you should choose a Full Frame - otherwise you will be disappointed when you see how narrow a normal glass is (because it only covers the flat surface of the screen) . When we notice that a mobile phone has extremely narrow glass screen protectors, we usually remove these from our range, so you will only find Full Frame tempered glass and Full Frame Plastic film on the page with accessories for your mobile phone, it is precisely because of these sloping edges.

But as earlier said, feel free to check the pictures in our ads, you can see quite clearly how the screen protector looks on your particular mobile.

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