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Skimblocker Sony Xperia 5 II Magnet Phone Wallet (Black)

Shop this product, Skimblocker Sony Xperia 5 II Magnet Phone Wallet
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Art no: 51138 Black

Product description


Product description

Skimblocker by Coverin Magnet Wallet for Sony Xperia 5 II (XQ-AS52)
With room for a mobile phone, credit card and banknotes.
Works as a wallet and case for your mobile. With 3 card pockets and 1 compartment for bills.
The cover that the mobile phone sits in can be removed; so you get both shell and wallet in one! The case is magnetic and easily reattached to the wallet.
Material: PU leather

What is Skimblocker?
The case is equipped with Skimblocker, also called RFID protection / skim protection, which means that the case protects your cards against skimming, which has unfortunately become increasingly common.
With our Skimblocker Magnet Wallet, your cards should be protected against involuntary transactions*

This is the perfect case for those who want both a mobile phone case and a mobile wallet. Here you get both in the same package, and at a very good price too.
The mobile phone is placed in the shell, which is equipped with magnets. The fit is perfect and the case therefore sits perfectly around the phone.
The shell, in turn, is easily mounted in the wallet, thanks to the strong magnets. The magnets should not pose any danger to your credit cards: they will not be demagnetized!
Both shell and wallet are of robust and durable quality. Both have holes for the camera, so you don't have to take your phone out of your wallet when you want to take a photo, for example.
If, on the other hand, you don't want to take pictures with the entire wallet in your hand, you can easily remove the mobile phone that is still in the case. The mobile phone is then still protected by the robust shell it sits in. Here we drive with braces and a waist belt!
The wallet has 3 card pockets, 1 compartment for cash and a magnetic closure. This also does not pose any risk to your credit cards.
The material of the wallet is PU leather, so not genuine leather. However, it becomes soft and comfortable the more you use it, just like real leather.

Note that our new Skimblocker Mobile Wallets now have a Standcase function; this means that you can now set up your mobile in an inclined position when you want to watch movies on your mobile - that is, while your mobile is still in its mobile wallet. On the mobile wallet itself, you will be able to see a "fold" on the back. This is for the mobile to be able to stand in an inclined position. Feel free to look at the pictures in the ad - and you'll see what we mean.
Your mobile is still as well protected as it has always been in our Skimblocker mobile cases, but now you can also use the coveted stand case function on the Skimblocker mobile wallets.

*NOTE! coverin.com takes no responsibility for credit cards that have been subjected to skimming!

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    51138 Black