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Smart Velvet Wallet iPhone 14 Pro (6.1) (Black)

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Art no: 44785 Black

Product description


Product description

Smart Velvet Wallet for iPhone 14 Pro (6.1)
Elegant standcase mobile wallet with 2 card pockets and an underlying banknote compartment.
Mobile phone case with room for mobile as well as credit cards, driver's license and cash.
The case has a stand case function so you can place your mobile phone in an inclined position when you want to watch movies on your mobile phone.
Number of card pockets: 2
Material: PU leather & TPU plastic

The Smart Velvet Wallet has a luxurious design and feels like velvet, which gives a nice feeling when you hold the mobile case. The material is PU leather, but as I said looks like velvet. The Smart Velvet Wallet also has a seam along the entire edge, both on the front and back as well as inside and outside. This also gives a rather luxurious impression.
The Smart Velvet Wallet also has a stand case function. This means that you can set your mobile phone in an inclined position when you want to watch movies or pictures on the mobile phone.
The shell that you attach your mobile phone to is made of TPU plastic and of course has markings for buttons and controls so you can easily find the volume buttons and on/off button when your mobile phone is resting in the mobile shell.
The case closes with an effective magnetic flap that keeps the wallet closed.
The Smart Velvet Wallet is usually available in several colors. All colors are quite calm to look at. Check our pictures to see the current selection for your particular mobile phone.
This case is equally suitable for men and women. So if you're looking for a mobile wallet that feels luxurious but doesn't stand out in a strong color or with a deviant pattern, then we think you'll like the Smart Velvet Wallet.

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    44785 Black

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